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Please read the Course Overview first!


References available upon request. I have a list of prior and current students that may be contacted as character references.

Payment Instructions For Cash Payment

All payments must be made by Cashiers Check or Money Order, payable in US funds only. Money orders may be purchased at the Post Office, your bank or any drug or grocery store. Personal checks will be returned.

Foreign Orders

All payments must be by International Money Order payable in US Funds, or Western Union. Personal checks will be returned. You can obtain an International Money Order at your Bank, your Post Office, many Petrol (GAS) stations or Thomas Cooke, Ltd. Most filling stations or stores charge less than $1.00 for an International Money Order.

Print out this application and the standard legal disclaimer by using the "print option" in your "file menu". Send both forms with your Cashiers check or Money Order made Payable to:

Rev. LH Hoyle
PO Box 50282
Irvine, CA 92619-0282

Once your payment has been received I will send you an Email receipt, with your access codes to download the course materials.


Name: _______________________________________

Address 1: _______________________________________

Address: _______________________________________

City: _______________________________________

State: _______________________________________

Zip Code: _______________________________________

Country: _______________________________________

Phone: _______________________________________

Email: _______________________________________

I am enrolling in:

12 months ____ $250.00

12 months ____ $300.00

ADVANCED ____ $400.00

Fill Out & Mail With Application

I, (Print Name) _______________________________, wish to receive Celtic Shamanism lessons.
I attest that I do not use mind altering or hallucinogenic substances, that I am not being treated for any mental illness, and that I am not actively involved in "any" program for substance or alcohol abuse.

I understand that I should not take this course if I suffer from any serious Heart Condition.

I understand that the course materials contain traditional core shamanic techniques and practices. I accept full and sole responsibility for undertaking to learn and use these shamanic techniques and practices. I acknowledge that the techniques and practices contained in the materials are not meant to be nor should be used to supersede or supplant medical or psychiatric diagnosis and/or treatment. I am aware that my level of success depends upon the amount of time that I dedicate to my studies

I completely and forever release and discharge LH Hoyle, from any and all claims, demands, damages, actions or causes of action whatsoever directly or indirectly arising from or to arise from practicing the techniques contained in these course materials, outages on the internet, outages of internet services, my inability to keep accurate records of passwords, lesson URL's, chats or forums, or if I have not been truthful in my statements, and that this release and discharge shall survive in perpetuity.

I will not copy or distribute any of the materials I receive from LH Hoyle (aka Wolfdancer Raven), without the express written permission of the author. I further understand that doing so will lead to a cause of action for copyright violation. In addition, I release Rev. Wolfdancer Raven, (aka LH Hoyle) from any legal liability that is a result of service outages on the internet. I also understand that my courses will be cancelled without refund of fees if I have not been truthful in my statements.

I declare under penalty of perjury that I am 18 years of age or older.

Print Name Clearly


Signed and dated this _____________ day of _______________, 2004,