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TENM LAIDA (Illumination by song) is an altered state that is achieved by chanting or singing a repetitive pattern (usually calling on the gods in some form). This could possibly also have included drumming and dancing as alternative means of achieving the proper altered state. Such activities are known to synchronize the body and mind to an external rhythm, allowing one to cast off the chains of normal perception. The practioner of this art must float at peace within the rhythm of the song (dance, beat, mantra, etc.). In such a state, communion with the ancestors and the gods could occur more readily, allowing prophecies and insights to be made.

DICHETAL DO CHENNAIB (Cracking open the Nuts of Wisdom) is a state achieved by relaxation and clearing the mind in a Ritual environment. It usually involved using some sort of Magical implement such as a knife, a sword or staff. Sometimes they had to actually touch the subject (if alive, usually upon the head) or directly handle an item to discover what secret knowledge was contained within it. This information could be almost anything: events from a person's past life, a detailed history of who and what had happened to an object or even how and why the subject was bespelled or enchanted. A spontaneous flow of information and/or poetic verse might accompany the first contact that occured between the seer and the object. This verse would then be interpreted based upon the vast storehouse of knowledge that had been accumulated through years of study, experiment, observation and experience.

IMBAS FOROSNA (Sudden Illumination) was a form of altered state used by seers to create and/or see visions. The seers would totally isolate themselves from all sensory inputs, sounds, lights and feelings. This could be enhanced by being closed up within a very dark cave or room or laying under a covering of hides. They would attempt to float and relax, going into a more receptive state. When the proper state was achieved, a signal would be given for the hides to be removed or for the door to be opened or for sudden light to be lit. The sudden, instantaneous transition from Darkness to Light would trigger spontaneous visions or poetic utterance. In such an "in-between time and place" prophecies could be made more easily.