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Celtic Animal Allies could be encountered on Vision Quests, in mundane life, and in dreams. When they appear, they can be powerful messengers. It is important to be able to acknowledge their presence and decipher the message they have for us. Here are a few attributes for some Celtic Animal Allies that you may encounter. The Celtic names for these animals are in parenthesis.

ADDER, or Snake(Nadredd): Wisdom, reincarnation, and cunning. If you see a snake while Vision Questing, be prepared for the power of transformation to enter your life. The snake represents the life-death-birth cycle.

BADGER(Breach): Tenacity and courage. The Badger will teach you perseverance and endurance in the face of adversity. The badger is a powerful protector of both material possessions and ideals held close to the heart.

BAT: The bat is a messenger of the Shadow Worlds. The bat may portend a message from the Under World, or your sub-conscious.

BEAR(Arth): Strength and stamina.

BEE(Beach): The bee is industrius, hard working, and very family/clan oriented.

BLACKBIRD(Lon Dubh): The blackbird imparts mystical secrets. They are messengers from the divinities.

BOAR(Bacrie): The boar is sacred to the Goddess. It is both cunning and ferocious.

BULL(Tarbh): Strength and potency, the bull is the symbol of mobile power.

BUTTERFLY: If a butterfly is seen while Vision Questing, no negative energy will be in the immediate energy.

CAT(Caoit): The cat is a strong protector in confrontational situations. As a prowling animal, the cat is also a strong guardian of inner powers.

COCK: The power of the voice to chase away the nights phantoms.

COW(Bo): Sacred to the Goddess Brigit, the cow symbolizes contentness, nurturing and providing for daily needs.

CRANE: Associated with both the Cailleach and Mannanan Mac Lir, the crane was a bird of the Moon, Magick, Shamanic travel, secrets, and reaching deep mysteries. The crane also represents the logical mind, as well as patience while healing occurs.

CROW(Badb): Associated with Macha, Babd, and the Morrigan, the crow is a symbol of conflict, war, and death. It's skill is wisdom combined with trickery. It also is the protector of sacred records.

DEER(Abhach) or STAG(Sailetheach): The White Stag is a messenger and guide from the Other Worlds. Following the animal often leads to a Quest through the Other Worlds. The Deer represents grace, swiftness, and gentleness.

DOG(Abach, Mada) or HOUND(Cu): Under World hounds are white with red ears. They chase and punish the guilty. They represent tracking skills, and companionship, as well as a protective companion.

DOLPHIN: Associated with Sea Deities like Mannanan Mac Lir, they represent harmony, balance, and travelling from rough to smooth waters.

DRAGON(Piastras, Horm): Wealth, the raw powers of nature, the treasures of the sub-conscious mind.

EAGLE(Iolair): Wisdom and long-life. The Eagle represents keen sight, knowledge of magick, and swiftness. The eagle is a strong ally when traveling into new territory.

EEL(As-chu): Adaptability, wisdom, inspiration, and defense. A good protector when defense is needed.

FOX(Mada Rua): Cunning, slyness, perceptive. The fox makes fools out of those who chase it.

FROG: Shamanism, magick, nasty illusion with somthing wonderful hidden within.

HARE or RABBIT(Coinin): Sacred to Adraste, the hare is a symbol of virility, divination, and swiftness.

HAWK(Aracos): Connected to the willow, the hawk is a messenger between this world and the Other Worlds. It is of greater skill and strength than other birds and thus symbolizes clear sightedness and far memory. It teaches us how to receive and interpret inner and outer signals.

HERON: Same as the Crane; Associated with both the Cailleach and Mannanan Mac Lir, the heron was a bird of the moon, magick, shamanic travel, secrets, and reaching deep mysteries. The heron also represents the logical mind, as well as patience while healing occurs. Through the heron, one finds magick in nature.

HORSE(Cab-all,Capall): Stamina, endurance, and faithfulness. Sacred to Epona and Rhiannon, the horse was a faithful guide to the Other Worlds.

MAGPIE: Omens and prophecies.

MOUSE(Luch): Secrets, cunning, shyness, the ability to hide. If you see a mouse in a Vision Quest, pay attention to the surrounding details.

OTTER(Balgair): Enjoying life, recovering from a crisis, faithfulness, friendliness, being helpful to others. The Otter can provide valuable assistance in the Other World.

PIG(Muc): Spiritual food for the Shaman. The pig was the magickal,sacred food of the Tuatha De Dannan.

RAVEN(Bran): Associated with the Morrigu, it represents the battle cry of an upcoming life crisis. It is a powerful protector if one can gain its favor.

SALMON(Brionnfhionn): Very wise and magickal creatures in Celtic lore. The salmon helps you to get in touch with ancestral and archetypal wisdom. They represent wisdom, and the acquirement of knowledge.

SOW(Airc): Associated with the Goddess, the sow is a beast of death and rebirth, as well as fertility.

SWAN(Eala): Swans help with the interpretation of dream symbols, transitions, and spiritual evolution.

WREN(Dryw, Dreoilin): Sacred to the Druids, the wren's musical notes were used for divination. It is a messenger of the deities. It also represents the power of strengthening and cleansing.