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What Shamanism Can Do For You

If you spend the time working on the exercises I give you, your life in this realm will get better. You will have increased prosperity in all areas of your life. You will be able to improve your finances, health, relationships with others, your communications skills, increased physical energy, you will be able to help and heal others, and more. I'm not going to lie to you by saying this will happen overnight or in a week from now, but it will happen. It's your choice and your life. You need to make the choice as to whether you want to remain where you are now, or if you want to move forward to a better life in the future.


Students who complete the Beginning through Advanced (three years of study) Apprenticeship with me will receive a "Certificate of Completion" stating that you are a "Certified Celtic Shaman Practitioner".

What you will receive from me, as well as most private teachers that's different from the corporation is "personal attention." I will always make myself available to you to answer questions by Email, forums or chats. I will get back to you within 48 hours if you send an Email, or place a post on the mailing list or message boards I run for my classes. Chats are available by appointment, depending upon what "time zone" you live in. I expect "all" of my students to contact me with questions regarding their lessons, as well as keeping me posted on their progress.

Tuition Breakdown: Although it may seem like I'm charging a high price for courses, I'm actually quite reasonable if you take the time to break down the total cost per class by dividing it by 12. Tuition of $150.00 divided by 12 = $12.50 per class. Occult shops charge an average of $20.00 per class which you must attend on a weekly basis.



Shamanism is not something that can be learned in 5 easy classes. To follow the path of the Shaman takes a lot of work and requires you to make changes in your life. Shamanism is not a religion, it is a mystical path. Students will begin their studies with meditation, visualization, and rhythmic breathing exercises which are the fundamentals required to attain an altered state of consciousness. The Altered State of Consciousness must be attained in order to journey into the three Celtic Otherworlds. You will learn how to control your mind and body which is required before you can safely embark on journey, vision quest or healing work. Beginning Meditations & Visualizations Various mental exercises including: Learning how to open your 7 Points of Light, intuition levels, Building your sacred space, Totems & Animal Spirit Guides, Basics of the Elemental world, Your Shamanic Tools, Basics Of Crystals & Stones in Various Shamanic Works, Clearing Your Sacred Space, Consecrating & Dedicating Your Altar, Working With Power Trees, Building Your Otherworld Temple, Vision Quest; Finding Your Spirit Teacher, Growing Your Inner Tree, Traveling In The Spirit, and Working In The Underworld And Upperwolds.

This course will take a lot of work. Your progress depends upon the amount of time you devote to your exercises. If you are looking to get off easy, you want instant success and spirituality, then do not take this course. If you are not afriad of working towards a goal, you enjoy learning new things, want to have fun while you learn, and not afraid to ask questions, then this course is for you.

Purchase of this course means that you automatically agree to the terms and conditions set forth on this web site.

You receive your lessons via email each month. You will be subscribed to a mailing list where you can ask questions at any time, receive bi-annual newsletters, as well as updated lessons when I change them . You should sign up for this course if you feel that you may need your lessons modified, or changed especially if you have physical disabilities, small children or are an older adult over 60, or if you will need more attention than a monthly check in with me. You will also have the opportunity to schedule chat sessions with me.
$250.00 for 12 months

This is the application of what you have learned in the beginning course. You also receive, mentoring, subscription to private mailing list, forums and chats. Your courses will be delivered to you in workbook form via the internet, one lesson per month. You will learn how to deal with any special problems you encounter while on journeys, building your power centers, dealing with other world demons, trials and tests of which you will learn how to effectively pass these tests which are set up by other-world spirits as well as your own sub-conscious mind, working in the astral with your spirit teacher and totems, lucid dream, work with mirrors, journey and path-working techniques, shape shifting, soul retrieval, healing others, cleansing and charging your healing crystals, Working With Shadows In The Shadow-World, methods and applications of healing with herbs, stones, crystals, working with elemental and other world (as well as outer-world) spirits, yourself, and the earth.

Purchase of this course means that you automatically agree to the terms and conditions set forth on this web site. Courses are not refundable.
$300.00 for 12 lessons

This is a One Year Course. Your courses will be delivered to you in workbook form via the internet, one lesson per month. This is a free form course which utilizes teaching according to your needs. You will learn how to counsel and work with clients, healing, soul retrieval, and soul mending using vision quests and remote healing methods rather than just hands-on methods, how to manipulate the elements, creating herbal remedies, building your power centers. This is the path that is the most difficult area to work in, requiring special instruction designed to fit your needs. I am available as always to help you deal with any problems you may encounter. Courses are not refundable.
$400.00 for 12 lessons.

I am available for Private Group Instruction in the Los Angeles/Orange County Area. If you are interested in scheduling Weekly classes, One Day Seminars, or Personal Apprenticeships, please contact me via Email.